CSA 2016 Outstanding Graduating Student Award

I’m honoured that the Sociology Department at Queen’s University nominated me for the Canadian Sociological Association’s 2016 outstanding graduating student award! Thank you to everyone in the department and beyond who supported me during my PhD, I could not have done it without you!



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Teaching at the University of Ottawa

After recently relocating to Ottawa I’m thrilled to announce that I will be teaching a second year lecture course ‘Class, Work and Gender’ in the Institute of Feminist and Gender Studies at the University of Ottawa January 2017!

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Working with SAC Kingston Spring-Summer 2016

Since the spring I’ve had the privilege of working with the Sexual Assault Centre Kingston on an exciting new project. SAC Kingston is exploring expanding their services to serve people of all genders. As a consultant for this project I have the opportunity to work closely with the board and staff to assess support, feasibly and gather input from the Kingston community. We are finalizing our survey to solicit feedback from staff, board members, volunteers, service users, community members and stakeholders, stay tuned for updates!

NEW RS logo

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Dare to Stand Out: Kingston Youth Diversity Conference

I had a wonderful time yesterday co-facilitating at the Dare to Stand Out: Kingston Youth Diversity Conference with the talented artist screen-printer Barb from Epidemic 613. Barb organized an awesome hands on Protest Art workshop for high school students participating in the conference. We shared stories, made fun protest signs and of course screen-printed. Students had the chance to make their very own patch design that they could take with them! Here is a photo of the patch I printed:

paps patch

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Book Review

Looking forward to reviewing The Healing Journey: Intimate Partner Abuse and Its Implications in the Labour Market by Linda DeRiviere for Studies in Social Justice. Although my research touched on some of the impacts of gendered violence and poverty, specifically social assistance, I’m interested to see how DeRiviere focuses her analysis on impacts of violence in the labour market.

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Dr. Maki

It’s been a while since my last post in February. Looking back there were still many months of editing to finish up before I was ready to defend my dissertation. My pup Olive helped me get through the worst of the edits and accompanied me to the final printing of the thesis.


In the meantime, I was balancing an RAship, instructing a 4th year sociology seminar ‘Advanced Studies in Gender and Sexuality,’ applying for academic jobs and part time work organizing. It was an intense time but I was thankful for teaching and the great conversations I had with my students during our seminars. A few have stayed in touch and are off to grad school, law school and masters of social work. Here’s a picture from our last class, they requested Olive’s attendance.

olive 2

Finally, July 17th I defended my dissertation and was honored to have my family there and greeted with big cheers, hugs and celebratory pints with friends afterwards. My committee was fantastic and asked some interesting questions about activism, social movements, resistance alongside and in tension with academia. This is something that I constantly struggle with and am learning along the way. More soon…

maki defence

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Writing the conclusion of my dissertation

While I’ve been revising a draft of my dissertation over these past couple of months I was unable to see an end in sight. For those of us who have finished a dissertation, we know it is never really done, but I have to say writing my final paragraphs this afternoon in my best friend’s lofty office was a huge deal. I was actually surprised at how emotional it was, I’ve been so looking forward to this moment for years, and writing the last few words was pretty epic. Thanks to my writing pal Pickle for seeing me through this!


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OPIRG visit to SOCY 431

Thanks to OPIRG Kingston who attended our seminar SOCY 431’Advanced Studies in Gender and Sexuality’ February 4th. The students were interested to learn more about OPIRG and enjoyed learning about the People’s History Project which gathers first-hand interviews and documents related to social movements in Kingston, and creates a well-organized, public archive.

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Violence Against Women and Girls

This afternoon I co-facilitated a workshop with Social Work students about the barriers facing women who are trying to leave domestic violence. 60 students were organized into 4 groups, each with two different scenarios of women trying to leave an abusive situation. The students were then asked to write each barrier on a ‘brick’ breaking down everything from not having a car, to not being able to attend prenatal appointments because of lack of transportation. With so many students who are doing practicums in a variety of social services and coming from different lived experiences, groups came up with dozens of examples-One group had 91 barriers!

We then came back as a large group to talk about these barriers and what it must feel ‘like’ to have to live with them. Students expressed feeling frustrated, hopeless, overwhelmed and demoralized with the various structural barriers that one may face. We then created a ‘wall’ of barriers, with many overlapping each other (CAS, Legal systems, social assistance, social services, lack of supports etc) and visually demonstrating how barriers intersect. It was a pleasure co-facilitating and sharing some of my own research with the students at St. Lawrence College, thanks Michelle for the invite!


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VAW Workshop at St. Lawrence College Jan 26th 2015

I’ve been invited to co-facilitate a workshop designed to address the barriers that women experience with intimate partner violence. I’m excited to co-facilitate with long-time Kingston feminist activist Michelle Lamarche.

See her interview with the Kingston Whig Standard on family violence from 2013 http://www.thewhig.com/2013/06/27/domestic-violence-happening-in-endemic-proportions

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