Dr. Maki

It’s been a while since my last post in February. Looking back there were still many months of editing to finish up before I was ready to defend my dissertation. My pup Olive helped me get through the worst of the edits and accompanied me to the final printing of the thesis.


In the meantime, I was balancing an RAship, instructing a 4th year sociology seminar ‘Advanced Studies in Gender and Sexuality,’ applying for academic jobs and part time work organizing. It was an intense time but I was thankful for teaching and the great conversations I had with my students during our seminars. A few have stayed in touch and are off to grad school, law school and masters of social work. Here’s a picture from our last class, they requested Olive’s attendance.

olive 2

Finally, July 17th I defended my dissertation and was honored to have my family there and greeted with big cheers, hugs and celebratory pints with friends afterwards. My committee was fantastic and asked some interesting questions about activism, social movements, resistance alongside and in tension with academia. This is something that I constantly struggle with and am learning along the way. More soon…

maki defence


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