About Me


Welcome to my website. I am a recent Sociology PhD graduate from Queen’s University. I can be reached at krystle.maki@queensu.ca.



Research Interest

My primary research interests involve exploring the connections between neoliberal welfare state restructuring and the increased surveillance of those living on social assistance. Specifically, I am interested in investigating the class, gender and racialized consequences of welfare surveillance administered by social assistance in Ontario (Ontario Works). More broadly, the research draws from a number of theoretical and methodological frameworks informed by: Feminist Political Economy, Antiracist Feminism, Welfare Surveillance, Social Movements, Anti Oppression and Participant Action Based Research.

Doctoral Research

My dissertation  explores the uncharted relationship between Ontario Works (OW) and surveillance and its effects on recipients, service providers and community advocacy groups. I completed 35 qualitative in-depth, open-ended interviews in three cities in Ontario. I interviewed single mothers receiving OW, anti-poverty activists, advocates and front line workers, as well as OW caseworkers.

Activist Scholarship

My research is grounded in feminist participatory action research and anti-oppression. My research is situated within a context of over a decade of participation within and alongside anti-poverty, anti-racist and feminist social movements. My analysis is informed by the countless hours of conversations with activists, community advocates, those living on the margins, front line workers, academics, friends and lovers. I have been privileged to work alongside such amazing people who continue to challenge, love and inspire me. I am thankful for their continued support and input in this ongoing project.


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