Teaching Winter 2015

After a brief leave from teaching while completing my dissertation, I’m looking forward to teaching this term! Tomorrow I get to meet 17 brave students who have signed up for my 8:30am 3 hour seminar SOCY 431 Advanced Studies in Gender and Sexuality.

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Social Justice and Feminism at KCVI

I’ve been invited to give a talk about ‘Feminism today and social justice’ at KCVI tomorrow. I’m excited to hear what the students have been learning about in their social justice class and have some interesting and thought provoking discussions about feminism today. Thanks for the invite!

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SSC August 2014 Newsletter

The August Issue of the SSC newsletter features my research on welfare surveillance in the Student Spotlight section. It has been a great experience working with the SSC during my graduate work at Queen’s!

“Conducting in-depth interviews really challenged Krystle as an academic to think about the language we use to explain and understand the world around us, she feels very fortunate to be able to do this research and especially thankful to the participants who took the time to share their stories and expertise with her”.
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Huffington Post reports on welfare surveillance

The Huffington Post also recently reported on the intersections of poverty and surveillance:

“For poor people, surveillance is an everyday reality.Take welfare recipients. To prevent fraud, the government uses eight surveillance tools to police those on Ontario Works, according to a study by Krystle Maki at Queen’s University. They range from old-school techniques such as random house visits, snitch lines and drug testings to a web of databases known as “mashups.””




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Column: Don’t care about surveillance? You’re probably white and middle class

My research on welfare surveillance was referenced in the Ottawa Citizen yesterday (May 16 ’14) in a column “Don’t Care about surveillance? You’re probably white and middle class”.

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Queen’s University Sociology Symposium 2014

Wednesday May 7th I will be presenting new material “An Abusive Neoliberal State: Cutting marginalized women’s lifelines to social assistance and women’s shelters” regarding the correlations between the cuts to OW Discretionary Benefits and the increase of low-income women accessing Kingston women’s shelters, as well as the current threats by the City of Kingston to close the Dawn House (one of the only shelters in Kingston for homeless women). Considering the recent increase in women accessing Dawn House and less and less benefits for poor women, closure of this shelter would have profound impacts on marginalized women who may become further impoverished, have to return to abusive partners, or end up homeless without adequate resources and support.

I will be bringing petitions to ‘Save the Dawn House’ to the symposium tomorrow with the hopes of creating awareness about this situation in our community and stop the closure of this important service in Kingston.



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SSC Seminar March 26th 12:30pm

I will be giving a talk titled “From Social Work to Agents of Surveillance: caseworkers’ perspectives on welfare surveillance within ‘Ontario Works’” for the Surveillance Studies Centre Seminar Series, March 26th 12:30pm in Mac Corry D 411 at Queen’s University. For more info about the SSC Seminar Series check out this link:


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Interview with Queen’s News Centre May 2014

I had a great interview with the Queen’s New Centre today, thanks to Dominique one of the awesome student interns for setting it up!


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